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  • 100% Chemical-Free
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Rich in Vitamins A, E & F
  • Great for Face, Hair and Body
  • Safe for Sensitive Skin

We’ve all heard the promises of beautiful, youthful skin through this and that product but do they work? Many skin care and beauty products contain harmful chemicals which not only damage the skin, they ruin complexion and deeply penetrate into the body. In the long run, products such as these do more damage than good and no amount of tight skin is worth the negative effects 10, 20, 30 years down the line.

We know now that how we treat our skin in youth will determine how it looks as time passes. What we put on, what we use to take off, and what we apply to protect our precious outer epidermis all have a long-lasting effect and slowly but surely add or detract from the health of the skin. There are so many products on the market and each is neatly carved into its niche, it’s often difficult to figure out exactly which one will help you in the quest for luxuriously soft and beautiful skin. We have the answer.

Nappily Naturals Shea butter is safe to use for the whole family and produces amazing results.  Made from Shea nuts grown 100% naturally under strict organic practices, the nuts are processed and cold-pressed to retain every last vital nutrient that will assist in healing and protecting your skin.

East African Nilotica Shea Butter

It’s the promise of youthful skin that drew us to organic Shea butter. Shea butter has been known to African healers for centuries and has been produced and procured by ancient African royalties for its amazing healing properties. While western countries have taken to Shea butter as a source of long-lasting beauty, local African women use it to cook their meals, provide nourishment to their families in times of drought, care for their skin and even heal abrasions and rashes.

Shea butter is well-known for its extensive benefits which include:

  • Reduced Signs Of Aging

Fine lines, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and even dark spots become visibly less with the prolonged use of organic Shea butter.

  • Long-Lasting

Shea butter melts at body temperature and is gloriously soft. The East Africa variety contains vital nutrients which nourish the skin while protecting it, keeping your skin smooth for longer.

  • Luxury Defined

Our Organic Shea butter is not thick, or clingy, it immediately draws into the skin, leaving your skin feeling smooth without the oily mess. This gives your skin a beautiful healthy glow.

  • Gentle On Most Skin Types

This single organic butter is gentle on almost every skin type and very few aversions to Shea butter is known.

  • Eased Skin Discomforts

Shea butter has a remarkable effect on skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, skin dermatitis, sunburns, blisters, calluses and corns

  • Soothes and Heals

Small cuts, cracked heals, itchy skin, insect bites, rashes are all soothed and healed through the use of Shea butter.

  • Deep-Healing

Prolonged use of Shea butter can also assist with deeper aches and pains like inflammation, muscle aches, arthritis, and rheumatism.

  • Great Hair Care

In small amounts and when used properly, Shea butter becomes an effective hair moisturizer, healing dry scalp and strengthening brittle hair.

What is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is a solid fatty oil derived from the nuts of the Vitalleria paradoxa trees that grow in some of the savannah regions of Central Africa.  It is a non-toxic, highly beneficial, and a natural substance.  Due to its fatty oils, Shea butter immediately melts when placed in contact with skin, where it is absorbed without leaving a greasy residue.  It revitalizes, softens, and maintains skin moisture without clogging pores or blocking hair shafts.

Perhaps one of the reasons that organic Shea butter is so widely effective is because it is an entirely natural product derived from a natural source.  In many cases, individuals who have failed to successfully treat their skin problems with other products have been able to fully resolve these problems with the help of organic Shea butter products.

Nappily Naturals Organic East African Shea butter

We’ve opted to give our customers only the best and to us, that’s the East African Shea butter variety from the Vitalleria Nilotica trees found only in Uganda. East African Shea butter has a higher than usual olein oil content, higher than that of West African Shea butter. The higher olein content causes the East African Shea butter varieties to be lighter, and softer than their West African counterparts.

East African Shea butter vs West African Shea butter

  • Lighter, softer, creamier, more luxurious
  • Richer in vitamins A and E – vital vitamins for skin renewal and regeneration
  • A more pleasant aroma, less pungent
  • Higher quality product and much easier to work with and apply to the skin as it simply draws into the skin upon contact.

Nappily Naturals’ East African Shea butter is the only moisturizer you’ll ever need again.

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